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We specialize in rescuing companies who are in a bad situation where they have no clue how to fix a bad presentation Online or your webmaster changed the terms of your agreement. All of our services are spelled out and clear.

Are you a business that has a listing but an employee signed you up with Google Business using their gmail or you can't even figure out what gmail account controls the listing? We can recover you listing and make it so this never happens again!

This service is FREE if you sign up with us to do your website & SEO, ending the nightmare where you can start to make money from your website instead of paying crazy amounts of money for Google Adwords or whatever service you signed up with and you can't find a way out. It will be our pleasure to help you & sometimes we can do that right away before we begin.

If you are out of our immediate area, we can still help rescue you from your website nightmare, getting you back your Google listing, dealing with the things you DO NOT UNDERSTAND, and we'll be happy to explain it all to you so you never lose your Google Listing again. And frankly, we enjoy rescuing people.